Are you eager to find out what are the main skills you have developed over the last few years with the scouts? Would you like to know how to name and describe these skills, as well as how to draw upon them in future projects or when looking for a job? This will certainly interest you!

Are you curious? Take your skills assessment

What is Scout Leader Skills?

Les Scouts and the Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen have developed Scout Leader Skills, a tool which helps their 25,000 volunteer leaders and managers to evaluate the skills they have acquired during their scouting experience, to better understand them and to determine how best to use them in their personal and professional projects. They can be interpersonal, functional or attitude-related skills. They are what have come to be known as 'soft skills', in contrast with the more theoretical or technical 'hard skills'.


Scout Leader Skills is the answer:

  • to the current situation, in which volunteering and non-formal education are increasingly recognised and soft skills are becoming more valued;
  • to the fact that, as leaders, we are not always aware of the skills we have acquired throughout our volunteer experience; and
  • in particular, to our wish to thank leaders and managers for the 600 hours they spend every year on average to help children and teenagers to realise their full potential, both during their time at their scout and afterwards.


Scout Leader Skills is a questionnaire which asks you about leadership situations you have already been through and lets you define your personal profile. This assessment can be a yardstick of personal progress if repeated every year.

Attention!You must have worked for at least one year as a leader (i.e. you need to have gone to at least one camp as a leader) to take a skills assessment.This is to make sure that you have enough experience to answer the questions.