Scout Leader Skills Access and Privacy

Access conditions

  • Being a member of the federation Les Scouts.
  • Having been a leader for at least one year and having gone to a camp as a leader. You need to have served as a leader for a certain time to make sure you have enough experience on which to draw when filling in the questionnaire.
  • Take the test once a year at the most. Waiting for a year in between tests allows you to live new experiences and possibly acquire and/or develop new skills.

Login instructions

To log in, use your Les Scouts or Scouts en Gidsen account.

Don't have an access?

Send an e-mail to your federation:

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Your contact information is not correct or needs an update? Contact the federation by phone (02.508.12.00) or by email (

Privacy policy

Your skills assessment is personal. We have no right to view the data of the assessment. Your account credentials are confidential and only you know them. No-one will know your results.

We promise to respect your privacy and not to use any personal details.

In order to evaluate Scout Leader Skills and how people use it, we may conduct statistical analyses of anonymous data to check whether the results of the Scout Leader Skills tool are relevant and/or whether improvements are necessary.

Saving data

We are unable to save all the assessments taken, let alone in all four available languages. We advise you to save your assessments in the various languages on your own computer.

Saving the assessment

Your skills assessment will appear once you have answered the questions. Download it and save it on your computer.We cannot guarantee that all the assessments taken will be saved. Your assessment may come in handy next year when you wish to compare your new assessment to previous ones in order to find out what new skills you have acquired or developed. You may also want to revisit the advice given at the end of your skills assessment (for example, when preparing for a job interview). Finally, do not forget to save your assessment in the four available languages (French, Dutch, English and German). It may come in handy if you apply for a job in one of these languages.